Polar Opposites

Ea okt 19 '12
Before I was born my family was in chaos. They argued and fought with each other and many were in dark places of their lives. These would be my aunts and uncles and their father who is my granfather was a very mean man and was cruel to them. He was apart of a powerful occult society and used to brag about being 'God' and how he had so much magic power. He also predicted his own death and in the way he said it, that was the way he died in the house.

On the day I was born it was like my family shifted. They got their lives back on track, many of them found spiritual faiths and they were once again kind to each other and sucessful and treating my mother correctly. From all the stories I heard it was like my family was spiraling into a dark tunnel and yet my birth signaled the end of it all. I was born on my mother's birthday 7/13

I found my grandfathers old ritual objects, his rings and amulets and symbols. He definately practiced magical rituals and summonings but for a negative purpose. I went into his room and saw a book shelf...As I looked at the books I was amazed because almost every spiritual belief and idea I ever had was the same as the books he once read when he was living. It was like we were the exact same person in our knowledge but he was for the side of darkness and I must have been born to balance that by standing on the side of light.

I always felt connected to my grandfather...and now I know why. I am his polar opposite though we shared the same drive for spiritual transformation and enlightenment.
JulienMoorrees okt 20 '12
Thanks for sharing! Just wondering. Why call it opposites? Since in the root, they are actually the same smile.

You can only see your light shining, if darkness is around to reflect it....
Daecca okt 20 '12
Sounds like you were born on or near a spiritual crossroads.
A place of choices, a fork in the road.

Sounds like your soul made the statement by saying "I am coming to that place to bring balance"

The words Polar opposites don't really ring true for me though.
Don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right.

Pray tell, were you born after your grandfathers decease?

Because in that case you might just be him in a new form of learning.
"Darkness" and "Light" are, in life, two different teachings, but are of similar value, one cannot exist without the other. in that case, polar opposites seems correct. But what if it is just the next step? The next part in learning? We all have seen darker days. I know one of my previous lives was on the darker side and one was on the light. I also know that in this life I try, and mostly succeed, to keep it in the gray zone.

Doesn't mean I don't care, but it means I tend to carefully weigh out my options and try to find a midway.


PS: Btw. if you were born before his decease, the premise is ofcourse entirely different.

In that case, You might be a distant forefather that, in your soul state, took it to yourself to set things straight.

Ea okt 20 '12
The name is just what came to mind, it does not reflect my idea of light and darkness or positive and negative...I'm not good at making titles smile

I do understand that light and darkness are just two sides of the same coin. I know this personally having had experiences extensively with both those of light and darkness and like you Daecca, I prefer to walk the line in between.

I was born long after my grandfather's death and it was only then did things begin to change.

It is a very entertaining idea that I could be my grandfather. lol And since you mention that I recently learned that my father has the same birthday as my grandfather on my mother's side (the one of which I speak).

I often think I have come to bring balance because of the numbers I was born on. 7 has always been looked at as a number of good luck, divinity, power, angels and we even have 7 chakras and there are 7 gates to the powerful constellation Ursa major which is said to lead one to enlightenment.

However, the number 13 is a number that is held by some as a number of bad luck, ill omen, betrayal and other misfortune. I personally have been so lucky and I know 13 is actually a master number and symbolizes powerful transformation and completion.

I was born on two opposing sides and yet together. I personally have experienced so much luck and spiritual support I think 13 is the luckiest number ever.

That said when I look at those two numbers they both have signifigant numerological positions and because they are together it makes perfect sense why I have had the experiences I have and a further confirmation that restoring balance is my strongest attribute.

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