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Debiorah mrt 11 '08
Plaats hier je links over Dyslexie en Dyscalculie.
Geef ook een korte beschrijving van de site!

Steunpunt Dyslexie
Het Steunpunt Dyslexie is onderdeel van Balans, vereniging voor ouders van kinderen met leer-, ontwikkelings- en gedragsstoornissen.
Enigma jul 28 '13
Het gaat hier over Autisme, maar uiteindelijk ook over andere kinderen en volwassenen die met hun rechterhersenhelft denken (ADHD, ADD, Dyslexie, HSK/HSP enz),. Dit word ook in de video door Teal benoemd.
Kinderen en volwassenen met zogenaamde etiketjes.

Gepubliceerd op 30 mrt 2013

For thousands of years the human species has been left brain oriented. This is a term to describe the state of being limited to awareness only of the physical dimension. This left-brain orientation significantly reduced our ability to connect to source.

But for many years the desire for re-connection has been a collective desire within the human species. And so, some beings choose to come in and NOT activate the genes that cause us to phase completely with the physical dimension. Autistic people are not completely phased with the physical dimension. We can compare this to having one foot in physical reality and one foot out of physical reality.

Autism is always the result of the same thing, which is: Improper phasing with the physical dimension. But a great many things can trigger autism. In the future we will find that even environmental factors such as vaccines, pollutants and pesticides can trigger autism. These environmental factors destroy brain cells.

In the first two years of life, myelin (which protects and isolates brain neurons) has not finished growing. This allows bacterial toxins, metal toxins, chemical toxins and other environmental toxins to reach and destroy the budding dendrites and axons; sometimes to the point that they do not grow back. The destruction of these neurons in the brain makes it so that the consciousness of the child cannot properly phase with the physical dimension through the intermediary device that we call "the brain".

We have expectations about normal behavior and they do not fit into those expectations at all. Because of that, we immediately assume something has gone wrong. We try everything we can possibly try to get them to fit into the box. But they did not come here with the intention of fitting into the box. They came here with the intention of helping us to get out of ours!

Kuan Yin's Mantra - used by permission http://www.sacreddream.com

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