Crazy Moments of Human Potential

Ea okt 21 '12
I was in highschool and I had a paper to write. I was a heavy procrastinator at the time and very proud of it...I would literally boast to others about the joy of procrastinating and try to convert them! lol

I had a 10 page research paper due and though we had a week to complete it I had waited until the very last day...that very night I decided to start it.

I was so tired as the pages seemed to be finished at a snails pace...Well, at some point at maybe 1 am in the moring I completely passed out...but I didn't fall asleep though.

I was in the bridge between awake and sleep and though my eyes were closed I was aware that my fingers were still moving...I was still typing and my eyes were closed!

I was in this state for maybe a few moments and then my rational mind sounded the alarm that this was something humans don't usually do and then my eyes shot open.

Well, I look at the computer screen expecting to see words that don't make sense since I was typing with my eyes closed and half sleep.

What I saw amazed me, I had typed nearly an entire page of my research paper...and the notebook I was typing from was on the floor closed!

How could I have typed a paper with my eyes closed and the notebook lying on the floor totally away from my vision?

It was mind boggling...just another reminder of the capabilities of the human mind when we take the time to quiet our concious and let our higher conciousness do the talking.
Daecca okt 21 '12
It is amazing, and it supports a theory I have.

All information is out there, we just need to open up to it.
This is what I believe.
And Why I have started training with "Channelings" and eventually Telepathy.
A guy I worked with was convinced that I was a telepath and freaked out about it. Cause I tended to turn around and correct mistakes at the exact moment he would want to say something.
Maybe there was some truth in it. maybe I am slightly telepathic, But I would want to train it.

Perhaps what you did there was open up to the information that you needed and telepathically connected to the "Database" that is living energy.

Just my honest opinion though, and a point of view to maybe consider. wink
MoonFlowertje okt 22 '12
haha, thats sounds wonderful ... (a gift tongue)

just do all the things you like, (where you normally do not have time for, because you have to make homework :/)
and if you're really tired you sit behind your notebook with your hands on the keyboard laugh
Your guide make your homework while you sleep laugh
that's a good deal,
I like that! tongue
Ea okt 24 '12
your right! thats hilarious!
Ea okt 24 '12
Its funny that you mention that Daecca...I actually would think telepathy would come first so that you learn to control what information comes through and therefore can sucessfully discern what you are channeling. If you already show ability for that you should pursue it and then try your hand at channeling...its a tricky business...not everytime you call upon an entity is it the true entity thats working through you.
MoonFlowertje okt 24 '12
If you consciously try to channel, it can go wrong ...
But I know that(Harry) has a good relationship with his guide (Daecca)
That is, in the first place: very important! wink

Greetings Moonflowertje smile
Ea okt 25 '12
Okay then, if your very connected with your guides and are actively working with them then you can have another set of 'eyes and ears' to help you out so information will come in much cleaner.
MoonFlowertje okt 25 '12
Yes! If you trust in what you get on information
I'm sometimes unclear in situations, where i know whats going on
because when the information comes into my thought...
I think that my thoughts are those that come up
it's hard to get your mind (that are not mine) to keep apart
it's the same voice in your head, my thought-voice
fortunately, a lot of information through my dreams ...
when I have it translated into the meaning, it is often too late
yes ... aldo income learns, and I still learn a lot smile
but I have my whole life time for learning
I hope that the translators of google translate my text properly
because my English is not very good: o
I understand what you write, but if I want to tell you I'm always in words that I think: that I never learned in school!
And if I want to speak, I always laugh at myself because I like a Mexican latch that try to speak English, haha smile
I'm clearly a Spanish accent smirk
but she does her best, you should think wink

Greetings Moonflowertje;)

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