Ea okt. 15 '12
The health that natural water brings is immense and most people know them.

However a study was done by Dr. Masaru Emoto about how we can affect the potential of our water simply with our words. Water was frozen into ice crystals and then a sound would be applied to the crystal. One example was when a song screaming 'I hate you!' was played, the ice crystal was fragmented and abnormal. However, another sound yelling 'Thank You!' was applied and the crystal took on the most beautiful and intricate shape.

The ramifications for this study are amazing. Humans are made up of 75% water and we have many parts of our body that are crystalline in nature, even our dna structure is closely related to that of quartz. That said, this is just another peice of scientific evidence that proves what we say and think does effect our bodies. This also takes it a step further because what if every time we drank a glass of water we took the time to say kind and loving affirmations to it? We could say 'I love you!' and our water would take on the vibrations of love and if we drink that water...then we are drinking the vibratory form of love in a liquid! And because we are 75% water and part crystal then drinking water vibrating at love will be amplified through out all of our bodies until the whole of us is functioning at 'I love you!'

And why stop there? You can use it to even heal yourself by talking to every ounce of water that enters you.

I also heard a study done that showed that drinking an abundance of water reduces fear and anxiety as well. There was one time I actually found myself more fearful than usual and I drank nothing but water for two days straight and I was able to fully recover. Perhaps it was the water or maybe it was my affirmations affecting the water, regardless water is an endless tool of healing. We can even extend this theory to our rivers, oceans and streams.

If all the world sung a song to the oceans to be cleansed I am quite sure that since water is so sensitive to vibration it would cleanse at the cellular level and bring immense healing to all the sealife. Even if we can take the time in our thoughts to say thank you and give love to our rivers and streams I am sure the subtle vibrations of our thoughts can bring healing.


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