Wereldwijde meditaties

Cialara Jun. 6 '10
Af en toe worden er wereldwijde meditaties gedaan. Vaak zijn er vooraf oproepen die worden geplaatst op bijvoorbeeld you tube of via andere media.

Plaats hier de oproep, dan kan een ieder die er aan mee wil doen erop geattendeerd worden smile

De eerst volgende is al vanavond om 20:00 uur onze tijd

Cialara Jun. 21 '10
Vandaag is er een wereldwijde oproep tot het sturen van liefde en heling naar onze moeder planeet Aarde en speciaal naar de Golf van Mexico, hierbij de originele oproep:

A Coordinated World and Galactic Effort
for the Gulf Oil Spill

White Eagle Speaks

I am here to tell you the time has come when we are joined at the hip to alleviate pain and suffering which has caused evil for generations of time. We are here to support those of you who have actively come into service, remembering heritage, remembering the Truth, remembering our hearts supporting the great reality of Father Sky/Mother Earth and Great Spirit, and what we were intended to do as Keepers of the Land. We are here to acknowledge all who are in support of what we have kept in our hearts, and aligned with Spirit for hundreds and even thousands of years.
We speak to the Great Spirits who are now among us, as I stand before you, requesting your support, requesting that all areas of earth come together to reaffirm Truth that we are One.

Our hearts bleed with the oil being spilled.

Our hearts bleed that no consciousness awakens to the greater truth.

Our intention is to hold ceremony to alleviate this grand suffering, but we must remind those who remain on earth the time has come to make a choice. The time has come to decide what reality you will live in. We know our reality and we have carried it with us forever. But you, Whiteface, have forgotten. You have remembered to make money, you have remembered to find the uses of Mother Earth, yet not supplied Mother Earth her due.

We are here to remind you. I speak to the generations that have heard and know the Truth.

The time has come. The ending is near unless we collaborate with each of you here to remember.

We share with you breaking hearts and open spirits and we come back to revolutionize the way things are done. We are here by the thousands. We will support what you do. I will turn this platform over to those great Spirits who now walk among us and who will serve in the manner of supplying you with thoughts and ideas. It is for you to know that we join with these Spirits.

We know they are part of the grander Truth. This will be a united effort for all concerned.


Completing this message, White Eagle steps aside and Thoth steps forward.

I am but one of many who conveys through you to the many who listen. It is important to understand there is great trouble upon the land and that you are not alone in seeking resolution and support. It is important for people to understand and hear the answers do not lie among you. The answers are from a Higher Source. And until mankind learns to listen, and to hear what those answers are, he will flounder. He will seek to overcome one thing or another through intellect, as opposed to the combined effort of those of us who support the greater Truth.

We are here in an attempt to alter the dramatic transformation which has occurred on earth, wherein the brothers and sisters and Keepers of the Land are unable to contain the oil spill and the many millions of lives at stake. We are a gathering of Elders, Ancients, Keepers, Angelics, Seraphim, Cherubim and Elohim, Archangels, Masters, Planners, Councils, Intergalactic Liaisons and Indigenous Peoples of Great Spirit from every land and beyond coming together in an effort - not unlike the concept of your United Nations on earth - to infuse the planet - specifically the Gulf - with two great bolts of Light. These bolts of Light would be akin to lasers, infiltrating the Earth with great velocity and power. In order for this effort to be successful, people are needed in every walk of life, in every area of the planet, feeling so called, to hold this Light or match it as best as possible through action most suited to their own practices and encodements. This may include, but is not limited to, meditation, prayer, dance, music, song, visualization, intention, positive thought and ceremony directed toward the Gulf.

This gathering of forces is to heal the intended areas of wounding, as a shaman might hold his hand over a cut. It is not a guaranteed effort; we depend upon your participation to make this possible.

Therefore, we of the Higher Realms are calling forth all on earth who hear and are so inclined, to participate in a world event to heal the Gulf. Those closer to the Gulf area will be receiving a great deal of energy and those further away, less. It is meant for the oil to be contained in a specific area, and we will utilize efforts to restore parts of the Gulf as well, by containing the oil spill in such an area.

It is important to note that mankind has sought now, for many days, answers to a problem that has endangered all species, with little or no success. It is important to note that in the overall concept that mankind has held, that intelligence and technology will rule the world and advance it to a position where little else is required.

For all who stand with me today, I beg to differ. In these days these measures we are taking are extreme. None of them are based on intelligence. They are based on the knowing which comes from within. When such advice and understanding is ignored in favor of ownership, power and greed, no good will result and certainly no answers to the questions before you come forth.

We step in, making this connection of the heart. Your hearts and ours, combined with All That Is. Will you join us?

It is your world and your time to make a choice. We have already made ours.

Coordinated World and Galactic Effort for the Gulf Oil Spill

Date: Monday, June 21, 2010

A 24-hour period dedicated toward healing the Gulf with focus, intention, prayer, ceremony, music and love, visualized and sent from where you reside. Your participation anchors the Light being directed toward the wounding and split which has occurred on this and other levels, from Atlantis to today. All efforts of love and care are welcome. We join you then.

Love beyond measure,

· Thoth, the Atlantean
· The Councils of Light
· The Galactic Intervention Team
· The Brotherhood of Light
· The Native Peoples Councils
· Aztecs, Mayans, Indigenous Ones
· And Unified Fields of Intervention

Bron: http://www.galacticroundtable.com/profiles/blogs/a-24hour-period-dedicated
Beschermengel Jun. 21 '10

Ik doe mee!... smile
New Moon
New Moon Jun. 21 '10
Ik ook smileZat er nog aan de denken voordat ik dit artikel las, ik krijg echt de kriebels van de golf van Mexico, voor mij reden om daar wat aan te doen.
Cialara Jun. 21 '10
Ik heb zelf ook meegedaan vandaag en vanavond ga ik ook nog iets doen smile
admin Jun. 21 '10
Ja ik heb ook meegedaan smile
Cialara Okt. 27 '10
Er komt weer een wereldwijde meditatie aan (er zijn er al meer geweest intussen en ik wil dit topic weer een beetje op gaan pakken)

Deze wereldwijde meditatie gaat over het openen van de Hallen van Amenti. Meer uitleg vind je in onderstaande link.

Komende zondag vanaf 20:00 uur wereldwijd.

Emuca Okt. 27 '10
Oeh... zondag. Mooie dag om te doen!
admin Okt. 27 '10
Klinkt goed, maar voor mij persoonlijk denk ik dat mijn sneltrein uit de bocht gaat vliegen, dat wordt teveel van het goede vrees ik..
Wel een perfecte dag inderdaad!
Mimosa Okt. 27 '10
Inderdaad een mooie dag om te doen en een hele mooie meditatie.
Als het even kan, wil ik hier aan mee gaan doen. Qua tijd is het niet heel handig met de kinderen, maar hopelijk gaat het me toch lukken.
admin Okt. 27 '10
dat klinkt interessant !! ik ga denk ik meedoen, als ik niet te druk met andere dingen bezig ben..
Cialara Nov. 9 '10
Op 11 november 2010 zullen een miljoen mensen wereldwijd in gedachten een harmonieuze visie van een nieuw paradigma projecteren ten gunste van al het leven op Aarde.

De onmiskenbare fysica dat het menselijk bewustzijn aan elkaar koppelt door middel van moleculaire structuren zal massaal worden aangewend tijdens de grootste gelijktijdige openbare transmissie in de geschreven geschiedenis.

Wat je ook gelooft: WIJ ZIJN zélf de verandering...

Doe je ook mee met die miljoen mensen op de wereld, die 11 dagen achter elkaar, beginnend op 11 november om 11.11 uur zich 11 minuten lang een voorstelling maken van een mooiere wereld?

Een wereld waarin we leven vanuit ons hart, dat is een wereld van vrede.

Lees meer op Newrealitytransmission.com

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