Ea Okt. 21 '12
I am not a major book reader when it comes to spiritual growth and progress because I have actively participated in that on my own and have found many things from spiritual experiences and everyday life. In this way, synchronicities, numbers, and nature have caught my attention at critical moments and catapulted me into higher levels of development.

However, there is only one author that I can credit heavy, powerful spiritual transformation to and that is a Toltec shaman by the name of Don Miguel Ruiz and all of his international best sellers...they are as follows:

The Four Agreements (A Practical guide to personal freedom)
The Voice of Knowledge
The Mastery of Love

The Four Agreements is the first one you should ever buy and the only one you will actually need and the other two just take you one step higher.

These aren't airy fairy carlos castenada writings about mystical adventures...no, the contents of these books which you can finish in just a few hours are lessons that can actively be applied in everyday life, with people and with yourself.

Spiritual growth is only classified by the level of healing a person has done, not by the psychic abilities they may boast of or who they manage to channel. Words from my teacher that I always repeat to myself is that we must strive to become 'healed healers'
and honestly this book (The Four Agreements) and the others have the exact formula to do that.

You WILL discover things about yourself you never contemplated and it will bring you challenge, truth and then healing. If I could sing from the rooftops about these three books, I would...they are powerful.

Usual spiritual books I have read are shrouded in mysticism and leave you feeling like you've gone to another world in the book, but once you close it you are no step closer to learning anything new about yourself or healing within so you can give it without. Or there are the spiritual books that are full of tedious exercises that require you to take more time learning them than in learning of yourself.

These books are nothing like that...they are like nothing you've ever or will ever read in your entire life...and I'm serious.

This is one book you can't read the description of and judge its worth...you have to actually read it.

Try them! smile


I would start off with the Four Agreements because that was the first and the other two are based off of that...Amazon is best to purchase them and they have sold so many that the price is really affordable. Also if you have a kindle you can get them on there.
JulienMoorrees Okt. 21 '12
I love ruiz and especially the 4 agreements. Thnks for sharing!

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