Recurring dream

Ea Okt. 18 '12
I used to have dreams of werewolves...over and over again I would either be chased by werewolves or have to watch others turn into ones and it has always been an odd dislike of mine...humans turning into things... The werewolves would never get to attack me because I would dodge them or hide and wake up before anything further happened. I was afraid of the werewolves...afterall, they were beings who used to be humans and now I have no control because I can no longer communicate with them. I no longer matter to them now that they have lost who they are.

On two occasions I was the werewolf and I always felt ashamed to turn into one and yet as a werewolf I felt freedom and power. My last dream of them was when I had the opportunity to transfrom into one but I decided not to because I decided that I could be free and wild as a human as well and didn't need to run to the sanctuary of becoming a beast in order to fully express myself.

In this way werewolves are a blessing and a curse to me.

Maybe I just answered my own question but I would like to hear any thoughts on the matter.
MoonFlowertje Okt. 18 '12
Hello Ea

According to my werewolf is a myth
maybe it has to do with the fear of the unknown
if you are younger, are you afraid of scary monsters
Now you're older (I do not know how old) know that you no longer have to be afraid ...
Now you too can also scare people (by your character or the stories you told) maybe that's a transformation??

maybe you can even delve into the werewolf, because I do not know exactly what it means for you ... as you read things might fall into place wink



greetings Moonflowertje
JulienMoorrees Okt. 19 '12
When you talk about feeling ashamed, you are talking about your 3rd chakra. I expect that the werewolf in your dreams, are actually referring to a nephilim live, you have lived, but are not yet ready to face it.

I would suggest to use a cosmic ray card of the nephilim: http://www.merudi.nl/cgi-bin/cl/index.pl?page=/nl/shop/index.htm

To make contact with it.

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